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Amy E. Wolff
Amy E. WolffBranch Manager
NMLS# 149401
Maryland: 443.541.5545 (o)
North Carolina: 910.225.5788 (o)
866.370.5747 (f)
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DML Loan Partners

Michael Tozzolo
Michael TozzoloBranch Sales Manager
NMLS# 85358
443.541.5590 (o)
443.541.5590 (f)

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Andy Betz
Andy BetzLoan Partner
NMLS #2098203
443.973.4822 (o/f)
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Dale Pankow
Dale PankowLoan Partner
443.541.5523 (o)
866.370.5747 (f)
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Specialty Staff

Cynthia Cruz
Cynthia CruzBranch Operations Manager
443.541.5545 (o)
443.961.7659 (d/f)
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David Faunce
David FaunceDatabase Manager
443.541.5545 (o)
866.370.5747 (f)
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Lauren Stoneking
Lauren Stoneking Loan Intake Specialist
443.541.5545 (o)
866.370.5747 (f)
443.541.4424 (t)
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Rachel Tiqui
Rachel TiquiLoan Partner
443.917.6383 (o/f)
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Roni Sierra
Roni SierraDown Payment Assistance Specialist
443.541.5553 (d)
443.541.5545 (o)
866.370.5747 (f)
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Summer Grossman
Summer GrossmanBusiness Development Manager
443.541.5545 (o)
866.370.5747 (f)
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Stacy Nozick
Stacy NozickMarketing Associate
443.541.5545 (o)
866.370.5747 (f)
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Direct Mortgage Loans is a licensed, direct lender committed to outstanding mortgage solutions and building lifelong relationships. The knowledge and experience of our professional loan officers, processors, and underwriters is the foundation of our company. We have earned a reputation for integrity, customer service excellence, award-winning staff and efficient processes. When you work with Direct Mortgage Loans, you’ll receive prompt, personal service that enhances the home buying experience. We realize that there are many lenders to choose from.

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